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Meghann – Bridal Photography in Houston Texas

Meghann had a fabulous wedding in Tennessee a little over a month ago.  Before the wedding we were on the fence with regard to Bridal photography.  With the amazing weather we've had here in Houston lately, she decided to go ahead and invest in what turned out to be some beautiful photos. We had a BLAST!  I think taking Bridal portraits after the wedding is a great idea. The dress has already been worn so the bride does not [...]

Jaclyn & Brian – Houston Wedding Photography

Jackie, was the first of my wife's college friends that I met when we were dating.  We stayed at their Brooklyn apartment for a couple days back 2006 while we attend my sister-in-laws graduation from NYU.  Jackie was clearly used as the "filter" and thankfully I passed the test. Jackie and Brian are high school sweet hearts who have been together for over 10 years!  Jackie has a special place in our hearts because during our families busy time (marriage [...]

Katie & Chad – Houston Wedding Photography

Chad and I went to Baylor University together and lived in the save apartment complex.  As a side note, I have to say that this was probably the best time of my life.  We participated in all the normal college activities and quite a few of the "abnormal" activities also.  We survived the experience and I was honored to be one of the few college friends that made the guest list. Chad and Katie were married at the Villa Antonia [...]