Professional Headshots To Look Your Best In Houston

Ava is trying out for a local television series and needed a headshot to submit for the audition. This image really captures her personality. It will be interesting what the producers think. The audition was a new experience for her and she had a wonderful time. Whether for social media, your business website or your acting portfolio, a professional quality headshot is a very important part of your first impression. Call today to chat about scheduling your next headshot photograph.     Curious [...]

sugar land family photography on a ranch

Sugar Land Family Photography – John, Jen and Cate

Curious what your neighbor's have to say about Jonathan?! For raving testimonials (click here)! If you are interested in having Jonathan L Golden visually tell the story of your next event, Contact him (click here) to book your session today! For great links, photography specials and daily inspiration,  Follow me on Twitter

pearland birthday party photos antoine and tristan

Pearland Birthday Party Photography – 2 Year Old Tristan Murphy

Antoine and I met playing football at Baylor and as you can see, he and his lovely wife are no stranger to the my photoblog. Their son Tristan was turning 2 and to allow Antoine and Cassandra to relax and enjoy the event, I brought the camera out for some birthday party photography. Although it is true that EVERYONE has a smart phone with a 10 megapixel camera, I know from personal experience that it is tough to get the [...]

Jonny Love - Missouri City Family Portrait

Missouri City Portrait Photographer – Jonny Love

I went to high school with Jonny's father Brian but had lost touch with him for over 10 years. By chance, we got together via some mutual friends and ended up chatting for quite a while. After another person entered the conversation, Brian snuck off into the other room for a moment. Not knowing what he was doing I continued on, thinking he simply had to use the restroom. When Brian returned, he had a 5x7 photo that Jonny had [...]

Fine Art Portrait Painting – Ava

For my latest hand painted portrait, I decided to create a timeless piece featuring my daughter Ava. Just one week before her annual ballet recital, she was more than happy to get in her perfect princess pose. We were actually on our way home from grandma Mimi's when we passed by our Aunt Deborah's house. Aunt Deborah's next door neighbor, who is quite the gardener was kind enough to let me create a couple of images in front of their [...]