Fine Art Portrait Painting – Houston Portrait Photographer

Fine Art painted portraits have long been coveted family heirlooms of famous dignitaries along with the rich. As with many other things, technology has allowed access for many more people. While the tools have changed, the art of creating depth in each painting is still a skill that is honed through many hours of practice. At the beginning of 2011, I was searching for more ways to further differentiate myself as an artist in the Houston area. In my search, I found the fabulously [...]

Asher Golden turns 1 – Houston Portrait Photography

For some reason it feels like Asher's first year went by like a rocket. It is like we woke up and it was time to start sending out invitations and planning his party. In keeping with tradition, I made sure to document his first birthday with a quick photography session. I say quick because he was so cooperative. A simple bribe of a sippy cup and some bubbles brought out his precious ear to ear smile. Asher went from being [...]