Houston Family Photographer – Damon, Emily and Henry


Houston Family Photographer – Damon, Emily and Henry

Our good friends, Emily and Damon live a great life right outside downtown Houston. Together with their dog Henry, they live comfortably in a beautifully decorated home. In fact, their home is one of the best decorated places I've ever seen. The art on the walls is extremely interesting, modern and really fits their personalities. Emily and Damon both love to cook and entertain. One of the best nights of my married life came when we drank wine late into the night and laughed until our stomachs hurt.

Emily and Damon contacted me as a Houston Family Photographer looking to document this time in their lives. They both worked hard to get through school and have been reaping the rewards accordingly. Since continuing their hard work into the professional arena for several years, this was a perfect time to pump the brakes and document their legacy through fine art portraiture.

Houston Family Photographers have a great life. Not only do we get to create art for a living but we also get to meet incredibly interesting people and get deep into their lives. We had so much fun working with Emily, Damon and Henry. We took about 2 hours to capture on-location photos both inside their home with the artwork and outside with their landscaping.

When we were inside, part of their morning routine involved making a delicious breakfast. I will have you know that keeping my hands to myself while they scrambled eggs, buttered and toasted english muffins, fried bacon and sliced vegetables was more than difficult. I had to remind myself that I'm a Houston family photographer there to document their lives, not a Houston food critic there to enjoy their breakfast. After leaving, I was convinced that you can torture a human with the smell of bacon. Had to stop at Chick Fil A (one of my favs.) on the way home.

A few of their best photographs are below. If you enjoy them, please take a moment to leave a comment below.




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