Erin and Dave – Fine Art Engagement Portraits

As I complete their wedding photographs, I thought this would be the perfect time to post Erin and Dave's beautiful engagement portraits. When preparing for the session, Erin told me that she and Dave grew up spending a lot of time around horses since both of their families own ranch property. While we could not make a 4 hour trip to the closest family land, I was able to "call in a favor" and get access to a beautiful [...]

Courtney and Greg Engaged – Houston Portrait Photography

I started my website redesign with Spindletop Designs right around the time my last blog post went up. I should have taken my designers advice and continue with my blogging efforts because in the end, my rebrand and redesign took 6 months. I am very happy with the result, so it was all worth it in my opinion. With that out of the way, I have been shooting a lot lately and I would like to thank all of my [...]

Mindy & Greg – Houston Engagement Photography

Not to long ago, Mindy and Greg met me at Discovery Green for what turned out to be a great engagement session. It's awesome to work with couples during such a "luvy dubby" (ya I went there) time in their relationship.  Mindy's eyes have so much emotion in them. She clearly knew what exactly how she wanted to look in her engagement photos and she WORKED IT. I only gave her minimum coaching and let my shutter just go. [...]

Emily & Chris – Houston Engagement Photography

"I'm in LOVE with Jonathan L Golden Photography!!!" -Emily Mudroch If Chris looks familiar, its because many of you saw him as a groomsman at Chad and Katie's wedding a few posts back.  Chris and Chad lived together and were in the same fraternity at Baylor University.  I can't remember exactly how I met both of them but me and my roommate lived across the parking lot in the same condominiums.  We have a lot in common so it's no [...]

Megan & Joe – Houston Texas Engagement Photography

“I just wanted to thank you again for taking our engagement pictures, we had a great time, and the pictures turned out great!” – Megan Acosta 2009 Megan and Joe get the privilege of having their engagement session appear first on my new blog. About a month ago, I was at my 9-5 waiting for the afternoon tardy bell to ring (At 4:30 there is a mad dash for the door) when I ran across my friend Megan’s facebook page. To [...]