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Baby Salihu – Artistic Newborn Portraits

My good friend Michael Ogadi was kind enough to purchase a fine art portrait session as a present for his dear friend Erika. After chatting with Erika, I found that she was looking for some traditional newborn portraits with a few modern artistic elements thrown in. Salihu did a fantastic job staying awake and showing us his big brown eyes for about an hour before peacefully falling asleep for the final hour of our time together. With the exception of [...]

Asher at 6 months – Houston Texas Childrens Photography

I can't believe its already been 6 months. Its sad but some times I get so wrapped up in my business that I forget to take portraits of the ones I love the most. My son Asher has really blossomed into quite the gentleman...and flirt. He's legendary in the local grocery store for giving a "wink and a smile" to every female who walks by. Sometimes, it feels like they all stop and smile back. He is such a [...]

Life and Asher Samuel | Houston Newborn Photography

WOW! Its been over 2 months since I clicked "Add New Post" for this blog; smh.  Actually, its been weighing quite heavily on me lately because I really do have a lot of great things to post.  I've had the opportunity to work with some fantastic clients recently. As far as life is concerned, during my 2 weeks off from my 9-5 at Christmas 2009 I was lazily clicking through the channels one afternoon.  Somehow, I found myself watching the [...]

Augustine – Houston Texas Newborn Photography

A perfect follow up to my previous post. Some of you may remember when I did a newborn shoot for Danielle and her newborn daughter Ariana a few months ago. Danielle was hanging out with her friend Josephine when the topic of photography came up. Danielle quickly pulled out a photo from our session to "show off."  When Josephine saw the pictures, she quickly called me up to book a newborn photo session. 3 days later, I arrived at Josephine's [...]

Photographing Newborns – Houston Texas

I was going through my RSS feed in Google Reader earlier today when I came across Jodi's update from MCP actions.  I first ran across this video some time ago when I was researching techniques for photographing newborns.  I've found photographing newborns to be both challenging and rewarding.  There are 50 different social dynamics going on once the photographer arrives.  As with anything else, preparation is key. A lot of times, you have a new mom with her first child.  [...]