Houston Event Photography with On-site Printing

Houston Event Photography with On-site Printing

A couple of weeks ago I posted the photographs from April and Ron's Sugar Land Engagement Session. Little did I know that the day after I posted the photographs, my Aunt was sitting in an event planning meeting where the committee for The Fort Bend Church was working on the 7th anniversary festivities. My name came up and when the planning director went to my website the first post she saw was of Ron and April. Ron and April attend the Fort Bend Church and the planning director knows them. The connection was made and she inquired about our ability to print photographs on-site. As the saying goes, "when opportunity knocks, be ready to answer."

The Fort Bend Church was looking for on-site printing services. The plan was for members to show up to the Red Carpet, have a photograph captured then go into the anniversary celebration. On-site printing was required because guest needed to be able to take their photographs home at the end of the night (appr. 2 hours later). Thankfully, we invested in a Sony Snaplab printer about a year ago. These fantastic little printers are the same devices you might see at Walgreens or CVS. Once the photo is capture, slide the card in, crop and your on-site print pops out the bottom. The prints are glossy and look great. We present them in a black portfolio envelope for as an added touch of elegance.

While my creative director worked on the prints, I joined the celebration to capture some of the event performers. Once there, I was greeted by a couple of amazing talents. The most notable being Se7en. He is know as a Houston's finest spoken word artist. Run by his website and check him out. He is quite talented and really had the crowds undivided attention as he so eloquently shared his latest prose.

A few photographs from the event are below:


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    It never hurts to have extra insurance. I have a daetghur that isn’t with me and we are trying to do the same thing. Extra insurance will cover copays ect, that the first policy doesn’t cover. Also, there may be a time when you loose your insurance, this way the child will still be covered.

    December 8, 2015 at 11:06 am

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