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Texas Drought 2011 – No Rain in Sight

  I've heard weather forecasters talk about Texas drought conditions several times in my life but never for this long. The whole ecosystem is being thrown off by the lack of water. We've had possums in our flower beds earlier in the evening and later into the morning consistently as the drought has continued. As much as I hate mosquitoes, the pesky insects play a part in the ecosystem. When they don't show up for a whole year, there has [...]

Houston Portrait and Wedding Photographer – Here Lizard Lizard

I have a lot of great photographs that I will be sharing in upcoming blog posts but I want to drop a quick note thanking all of the fantastic clients I have had the opportunity to work with as a photographer in Houston. The good Lord has continued to bless me and is the reason for my continued growth as a photographer. From the families who have taken me to the locations that emotionally connect them to the brides [...]


75% OFF Super Sale – Ends July 30, 2011

To all of my clients, it has been a pleasure working with each one of you and I sincerely hope that you have found my services exciting, engaging and most importantly fun! As many of you know, I love electronics and software. In addition to the formal education I have received, I find myself immersed in online Photoshop tutorials several times per week. It is my goal to continually providing you, my wonderful clients, with the very best photographic [...]

Fine Art Portrait Painting – Houston Portrait Photographer

Fine Art painted portraits have long been coveted family heirlooms of famous dignitaries along with the rich. As with many other things, technology has allowed access for many more people. While the tools have changed, the art of creating depth in each painting is still a skill that is honed through many hours of practice. At the beginning of 2011, I was searching for more ways to further differentiate myself as an artist in the Houston area. In my search, I found the fabulously [...]

Painted Churches of Schulenburg, Texas

Up today is a mini post featuring some special images I created recently. Last weekend I took Saturday at drove out to Schulenburg, Texas. One of the things that drew me out of the city were these "Painted Churches" that Kyle,  owner of Sugar Cycles was telling me about. Originally settled by Czech and German inhabitants, their cultural footprint is still clearly evident everywhere you look. The painted churches, that have just recently been restored, are top national historic [...]