What to wear

It's the night before your shoot and you know you want to look amazing but you just can't find exactly what to wear.  I'll do my best to try and tell you what NOT to wear.

- no solid white shirts

- no plaids/thick stripes

- tube tops are really not that cute in pictures...I won't go into detail, just take my word for it

- I'd love to take photos in different outfits to go along with the different looks but please don't bring all formal wear/dresses.  Make it a good mix of jeans, casual, and a dress.

- if this is an engagement session you don't have to match exactly, just be in the same color scheme.

- Some cool ideas that have worked for other clients - cool jeans, casual shoes, a collared shirt underneath with a loose tie for guys. For girls, a fun jacket with colorful jewelry with a neat pattern underneath, cool jeans and high heels add a very nice touch also. Since I do sessions in different parts of Houston remember to have your outfits look like they could go with the setting i.e. If we are meeting in Downtown or Mid town coordinate like you are going out for brunch or a night on the town.  If we are meeting in Herman Park or the medical center coordinate your outfits like you are going to a concert at Miller outdoor Theatre.

Bring PROPS!!! If you play an instrument, have a favorite hat/hoodie, skateboards, favorite couch or chair, anything will make your session more unique.