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Jaclyn and Jermon – Houston Engagement Portraits

After an initial chat that lasted well over 2 hours, I can say that initially, I was concerned about working as my sisters wedding photographer. She loved the work but this would be the first big project we have worked on together. It would have been great to be a part of all the festivities, but honestly, I did not trust anyone else to do the job.  Through their engagement portraits and their gorgeous wedding that will be featured [...]

Painted Churches of Schulenburg, Texas

Up today is a mini post featuring some special images I created recently. Last weekend I took Saturday at drove out to Schulenburg, Texas. One of the things that drew me out of the city were these "Painted Churches" that Kyle,  owner of Sugar Cycles was telling me about. Originally settled by Czech and German inhabitants, their cultural footprint is still clearly evident everywhere you look. The painted churches, that have just recently been restored, are top national historic [...]

Life and Asher Samuel | Houston Newborn Photography

WOW! Its been over 2 months since I clicked "Add New Post" for this blog; smh.  Actually, its been weighing quite heavily on me lately because I really do have a lot of great things to post.  I've had the opportunity to work with some fantastic clients recently. As far as life is concerned, during my 2 weeks off from my 9-5 at Christmas 2009 I was lazily clicking through the channels one afternoon.  Somehow, I found myself watching the [...]

Deborah, Jules and Marjorie – Houston, Texas Pet Photography

Aunt Deborah rarely goes anywhere without her two best friends - Jewels and Margery. When I say anywhere, I mean, she won't buy a car that isn't a station wagon with room for two 70 lb dogs. As a person who grew up with cats (my mom is terrified of dogs), I learned about the loyalty and friendship that dogs bring to people after I married my wife. If you say a cross word about Jewels, Margery or Venus [...]

Sophie’s 2nd Birthday Party – Houston, Texas Photography

As my last photography assignment of 2009, I was hired by Mr. Bob Bates to shoot for a few hours at his daughters 2nd birthday party.  Bob is currently stationed in Afghanistan and came home for the holiday's to enjoy some much needed R&R with his family. One thing all children need is an overdose of love and care (and to be slightly spoiled). The whole time I was taking pictures of  Sophie and her family, I couldn't help but [...]