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Meghann – Bridal Photography in Houston Texas

Meghann had a fabulous wedding in Tennessee a little over a month ago.  Before the wedding we were on the fence with regard to Bridal photography.  With the amazing weather we've had here in Houston lately, she decided to go ahead and invest in what turned out to be some beautiful photos. We had a BLAST!  I think taking Bridal portraits after the wedding is a great idea. The dress has already been worn so the bride does not [...]

Halloween Fun 2009 – Houston Family & Event Photography

With a long overdue post, I bring you Halloween 2009! I started off taking a few pictures with my wife, daughter and a family friend. We never go to overboard with the holiday but Ava (my daughter) was tickled pink when she looked in the mirror with her costumes on. She screams with joy and giggles every time she looks at herself in the mirror. Here's our little family and friends photo shoot. Wife: Bunny Ava: Chicken and Honey Bee Friend: Lobster After [...]

Houston Headphone Meet – Houston Texas Photography

While I have a passion for photography, I also have several other passions (much to my wife's frustration).  I love running, PC's, PC gaming, music and pretty much anything electronic.  Today I will be talking about the last two on the list; music and electronics. About 3 years ago, I was relatively new at my PC overclocking forum of choice, Overclock.net.  My Logitech 350 headphones were acting up and I had just spent a few hours at Fry's trying to [...]

Antoine and Cassandra – Houston Texas Photography

Antoine and I met each other 8 years ago as members of the Baylor Bears football team.  Antoine came in my Sophomore year and we were great friends from the beginning.  He was a member of the amazing offensive line that made one of the most memorable nights of my life possible; the night I scored 6 touchdowns.  I haven't kept up with a ton of people from college but Antoine is one of those people that I'll know [...]