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Houston Family Photographer – Damon, Emily and Henry

Our good friends, Emily and Damon live a great life right outside downtown Houston. Together with their dog Henry, they live comfortably in a beautifully decorated home. In fact, their home is one of the best decorated places I've ever seen. The art on the walls is extremely interesting, modern and really fits their personalities. Emily and Damon both love to cook and entertain. One of the best nights of my married life came when we drank wine late [...]

Houston Event Photography with On-site Printing

A couple of weeks ago I posted the photographs from April and Ron's Sugar Land Engagement Session. Little did I know that the day after I posted the photographs, my Aunt was sitting in an event planning meeting where the committee for The Fort Bend Church was working on the 7th anniversary festivities. My name came up and when the planning director went to my website the first post she saw was of Ron and April. Ron and April [...]