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sugar land family photography on a ranch

Sugar Land Family Photography – John, Jen and Cate

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Houston Family Photography with Deborah and Jules

As a three time cancer survivor, Deborah is one of the strongest women I have ever met. She is so upbeat, energetic and always willing to help a neighbor out. Deborah grew up in a home in Houston where family photography was and still is very important. She has told me of 40" x 60" prints of her parents that the family still values as treasured possessions. After investing in a 24" x 36" canvas photograph from her session, Deborah's [...]


Houston Family Photographer – Damon, Emily and Henry

Our good friends, Emily and Damon live a great life right outside downtown Houston. Together with their dog Henry, they live comfortably in a beautifully decorated home. In fact, their home is one of the best decorated places I've ever seen. The art on the walls is extremely interesting, modern and really fits their personalities. Emily and Damon both love to cook and entertain. One of the best nights of my married life came when we drank wine late [...]