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Houston Herman Park Family Portraits – Courtney, Bruce and James

Courtney, Bruce and their son James were looking for outdoor environmental backdrop that featured their natural Houston surroundings. After chatting about our options, we decided on Houston's Herman Park in the heart of the Houston Museum district. From the Mecum fountain and the huge reflection pool to landmarks like the Japanese Garden and Hotel Zaza, Herman Park is one of the best photography spots in Houston. Capturing timeless family portraits in Houston is a practice I encourage all families to do on a [...]

The Laws Family – Herman Park in Houston Texas

Marliane and her wonderful family met up with me not long ago at Houston, Texas' gorgeous Herman Park. The park is a wonderful location where I can get many different backgrounds without having to deal with houses, power lines and other visitors innocently walking into the frame. When I showed up, the Laws' were hot and ready to go! I mean really, it was 95 degrees and HUMID. I had to stop on the way to get 3 bottles [...]

Antoine and Cassandra – Houston Texas Photography

Antoine and I met each other 8 years ago as members of the Baylor Bears football team.  Antoine came in my Sophomore year and we were great friends from the beginning.  He was a member of the amazing offensive line that made one of the most memorable nights of my life possible; the night I scored 6 touchdowns.  I haven't kept up with a ton of people from college but Antoine is one of those people that I'll know [...]