Houston Family Photographer – Deborah and Jules

If you don't mind me asking, what do you have on the walls of your home?  Mounted posters of vintage french food or liquor ads from Z-Gallery?  Various Tchotchke's from far-flung corners of the world? Framed reproductions of famous paintings?  Even better, I'm sure some have real oil paintings? The point is, you probably have some adequately-sized art work on your wall of varying cost and quality.  What matters to you is what this artwork says about who you [...]


Houston Family Photographer – Damon, Emily and Henry

Our good friends, Emily and Damon live a great life right outside downtown Houston. Together with their dog Henry, they live comfortably in a beautifully decorated home. In fact, their home is one of the best decorated places I've ever seen. The art on the walls is extremely interesting, modern and really fits their personalities. Emily and Damon both love to cook and entertain. One of the best nights of my married life came when we drank wine late [...]

Deborah, Jules and Marjorie – Houston, Texas Pet Photography

Aunt Deborah rarely goes anywhere without her two best friends - Jewels and Margery. When I say anywhere, I mean, she won't buy a car that isn't a station wagon with room for two 70 lb dogs. As a person who grew up with cats (my mom is terrified of dogs), I learned about the loyalty and friendship that dogs bring to people after I married my wife. If you say a cross word about Jewels, Margery or Venus [...]